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  • Red Trailer

    Dame cougar Helen Mirren must have a thing for playing retired ass-kickers. Earlier this week we glimpsed her in the first trailer for The Debt as an ex-agent of the Israeli Moussad. And now we see her in Red in a similar, but albeit campy role, alongside veterans Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malcovich.

  • The Debt Trailer

    Popscorn fave, Sam Worthington, stars in a new thriller, The Debt, out this December. The film surrounds three Israeli Moussad agents from the ’60s, and smacks just a touch of 2005′s Munich. (CiarĂ¡n Hinds actually stars in both films, though he’s not so believable as the older version of Worthington’s character.) Judging from the first trailer, The Debt seems a pretty taught story with a great cast, but otherwise feels run-of-the-mill.