Articles Posted November 2010

  • Trailer for Source Code

    The long-awaited sophomore debut from director Duncan Jones (of the quietly awesome Moon), Source Code, has finally stepped into the light. On the surface, the Spring-2011 film seems an intriguing cerebral trip and a fittingly unique story for Jones to helm. Just as long as it doesn’t get sappy, devolving into lead, Jake Gyllenhaal, falling [...]

  • Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway Nude (Sorta)

    I guess this is one way to get folks to the theater next weekend (Nov 24) to see Love and Other Drugs.

  • Trailer for Green Lantern

    The trailer for Martin Campbell‘s Green Lantern, starring Popscorn favorite Ryan Reynolds, is finally out and boy is it pretty lame. That initial reaction likely has a fair amount to do with the Lantern’s green tights, which the studio decided to render entirely using computers. The idea was controversial enough at the time (for good [...]