Splice 2? What does Vincenzo Natali Think?

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Director Vincenzo Natali, of 1997′s cult hit Cube, was in Washington, DC recently promoting his newly released sci-fi thriller, Splice. To put it bluntly, go see the film. For anyone who can appreciate a thoughtful, transgressive and provocative creature story, you won’t be disappointed by Splice. And not give too much away, but the narrative does leave room for a potential sequel. My enthusiasm for what Natali has crafted doesn’t mean I endorse a follow-on film (most initiatives of which are motivated more by money than story), but I was curious what the director thought of the idea.

“I really got to say, in all honesty, I never intended a sequel for the film. I understood in writing that ending, that it could apply a sequel. But never was that the intent. I really thought that was the right way to end the story. And all of my films end with a question, really. The end is always a beginning for something else.”

Natali added, “I suppose if it’s successful they would want a sequel, then I might have to consider it. I went through an experience with Cube, my first film which was sequelized, I knowingly and willingly decided not to be a part of the sequels. And I have to say, I somewhat regret that in so much as everyone thinks I was part of the sequels.”

The director went on to describe the types of projects he’d like to work on in the future. Considering his passion for his work, which audiences are surely grateful for, a new film that continues to surround the existing Dren storyline might be an easier bet. “The problem is, I keep wanting to do things that are not easily digested by the system. I can’t work on something that I don’t care about. It just boils down the fact that I’m lazy [laughs]. I’ve been trying to sell out for years. The simple problem being that I’ve been trying to sell my soul and nobody wants it. But that’s only a half truth. In reality, I just can’t work on something that I don’t care about, because it’s just too much work. It’s like having a child. You have to love the child. Even if the eyes are on the side of its head.”

Joel Silver, the Hollywood heavyweight that acquired the film (a first for the man), and Warner Bros., who is distributing it, may be the right pimps Natali has been looking for. “It was really just dumb luck. We never intended to show it to [Joel]. It was just chance. The amazing thing is they loved it. Everything that is crazy and subversive and transgressive about this movie they embraced. We were really, really lucky. If indeed Warner Bros. and the world demands Splice 2, I’ll be there.”


  • chris

    i admire this guy,guilmoror del toro,chris nolan,bryan singer,m night shyamalan,and a few other directors this is how films should be made. but i would love to see a sequel to splice and the future of elsa.

  • Robert Yenchochic

    When are they coming up with the story line of Splice 2

  • Born_to_fly1987

    I loved the movie alot and i cant wait for you to make a sequel to the movie this is the most interesting movie i have ever seen i mean a spliced being impregnating a human woman that leaves question for what the offspring is going to look or be like i wonder if is gong to be aggressive or passive if it could talk or change genders at will who knows but for this to actually be made and seeing this creature is looking into the possible things that our scientists could be working on it gives insight to the world of science and makes everyone of all the possibilities in life thank you for a great movie and we would really love for you to make another to this

  • Johann_u12345

    i just finished watching the movie and I loved it! I am intrigued to know what can happen next…..

  • meiwow

    I hope a sequel to this movie is one day made, I really liked it.

  • Baste

    Can't wait for splice 2. LOL!

  • momo

    this movie was the most messed up thing i have ever seen, i have never even thought of something so disgusting in my life

  • momo

    this movie was the most messed up thing i have ever seen, i have never even thought of something so disgusting in my life

  • Funnyboy-jake

    yer boss film but it didn't have the right fear factor but i think i might know what will happen in the next one if there is.
    well first off i bet the woman who is carrying the splice baby is going to look more like a human and it could be twins or maybe just kills her when she is in the operating room and dies but the baby is on the loos because they didn't keep an eye on it or something like that. p.s grate movie but could of do with the fear factor at the end of the film

  • Ditto


  • Eve

    Grow some balls

  • Eve

    I LOVED Splice! It is an amazing film, I definitely hope they do make a splice 2.
    I would be overjoyed :-)

    Eve xxx

  • http://twitter.com/ellyRulez Elmer Fernandes

    splice definitely requires a sequel , it would be awesome ….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ahmed-Adel/789597800 Ahmed Adel

    I like it .hope to see what happen to the baby

  • jim

    want splice 2 now !!!

  • chris

    i really want to see a sequel to this, and hope it is made.

  • Danielle

    i really likes Splice.
    i found it so creative.
    and also very realistic.
    a movie this great deserves an amazing sequel.
    kinda like the ”thing” is born but it’s not a monster like dren.
    maybe it kills everyone this time.
    i will totally be one of the first ones to watch Splice 2
    hopefully they make it!

  • Danielle

    omg you have no taste in movies.
    what movie do you like??
    the house bunny??!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shara-Lee-Cook/1054134693 Shara Lee Cook

    Slow start, but the ending was great. All in all I would want to see a splice 2.

  • Holly

    I liked the very beginning until Dren rapes his own mother. That was pretty sick. I wish they changed the rape part.

  • Lamacevayn

    you didnt say weather you were positive or negative in tht statement…….

  • Stephanielewis2

    I just finished watching Splice and absolutely loved the movie!!!! I hope that Vincenzo Natali will decide to make Splice 2…..I really would like to see how he would continue on with the story line. Oh, btw…I have fallen in love with Delphine Chaneac, who plays Dren. She is absolutely gorgeous and a great actress. I look forward to seeing her in other things. Also a note to Vincenzo….Delphine has to play Dren in Splice 2..I hate when they do a sequel and don’t have the original characters come back.

  • Stephanie Lewis

    Clearly you must have drifted during the movie and missed the whole story line……it was an excellent movie and I can’t imagine what types of movies you do like.

  • Ray

    we really want toknow what happends next please make another one i want to know really badly or i will have to make p the story my self lol…. and film it

  • Andrea B.

    Being that I’m in a Genetics class I wondered about things like this and if they are even possible, but the ending (rape) a little uncalled for, but definantly a good thing for a 2nd movie. Our movie was a little messed up, Stupid REDbox, but now we plan on buying the movie because we missed parts……. Some very important parts…..

  • Splice

    I would love to see a sequel to this movie, please make Splice 2 Mr Natali the world agrees we need more!!!

  • Lantz937

    I agree that a 2nd splice would be great and I hope they make it happen

  • Thenameisgood

    Loved the movie, loved Dren and i hope they do make a second one, i am so excited about the pregnancy!

  • Sam Dreskin

    My radiator sounds like Dren, and now I’m going crazy! GAHH!H!!! make it stop! Awesome movie. Just wondered why they were so blind to the psychological aspect of the new species. I hope Natali makes a sequel and takes it as far as the story line can go without falling into the trilogy trend trap. Splice II could be exceptional if taken the necessary precautions to fully develop the plot through well written science fiction. I look forward to Natali’s future work. That is, unless he’s lazy about it :)

  • Www Papadocers

    dren died bro.=(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1083302511 Luis Cano

    the baby?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1083302511 Luis Cano

    the baby?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=886375390 Meaghan McDade

    I just watched Splice and I am kind of disappointed that there aren’t any plans for a splice 2.. hint hint.

  • wise

    i say that he should make another part to it. it was awesome to see what could really happen if scientist tamper with genetics and try to make artifical humans with animal traits. who knows, this movie might just be a prediction of what could happen in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518749001 Stéphane Rocca

    The world is asking you for splice 2 !!! =)

  • Tennilletam

    I just seen the movie and think their should be another like one baby being clives and one being drens
    that would be cool

  • Dren’s clone

    the world demands splice 2 it needs it for all of man kind!

  • Lilnahnah13

    M too lol I want to see if her babys going to be like dren or something else…. I loved the movie haft to see number to ;-)

  • Lilnahnah13

    M too lol I want to see if her babys going to be like dren or something else…. I loved the movie haft to see number to ;-)

  • Dracer87

    Omg I so hope a splice 2 is made. So crazy dat alot of ppl on here could say how da rape seen was unnecessary, but look at da part when the dude messes around with dren. To me that weirded me the he’ll out.

  • Shayla

    That was a great movie and i loved it. A little bit on the weird side but that is what so great about it i really hope there is a sequel to it i want to know what happens to the baby in her stomach I would def. go and see the second one

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CZ3BBYGBP3P4KLYJZAFQ2HF274 Danielle

    I seriously would love it if they made a Splice 2….

  • Poop

    Dude that makes no sense, only one spurm takes teh egg

  • MB6

    A sequel would be awesome, I just watched spline for the first time and it was so different from what i expected. I thought dren was gonna go crazy from the get go and it was gonna be a brutal movie, but man was I wrong! Spline was such a better, and clever movie then that. food for thought the sequel could be like this. The mutant is born into extensive, semi aggressive  testing, making itself hatefull towards humans. and eventually it breaks free and we could see the brutality i expected in the first one! Cmon Vincenzo Natali this story is to good to pass up!
    Spline 2 FTW ,dont leave us hanging!

  • Clari…

    Just finished watching the movie, I hope they do a part 2 and make as many sequels as possible!!!

  • Rodolfoguerra

    eu tbm amei o filme, é uma historia muito interessante e envolvente e eu realmente gostaria muito de que façam um continuação do filme splice, mas a unica coisa que eu não gostei foi esse negócio de mudar o sexo, isso não existe !!! mas foi bom o filme e uma continuação agradaria a todos e aos criadores tbm.

  • Nandassiq

    quero muito uma sequencia desse filme!

  • Alexisandrews6109

    Splice was definitley a great movie. And itd be a shame not to have a second one. As soon as it was over, i just wanted to see more!  So please, start putting #2 together Vincenzo!

  • meco

     if they made  a splice 2 i would want to know what her baby would look like

  • Xdravensmommyx

    I really don’t think they would have her playing in the sequel considering the character died so it kind of would be pointless to bring back someone that would be stupid.

  • Walnuthouse

    Make a sequel!

  • Serpiente1984

    On the contrary, i bet you think about it all the time dreN

  • Vrodman38

    I beleave an hope u reconsiter makin splice two I think a person could make it a good sequal !!

  • Tinkerbell

    You should make splice 2 I think it stinks with an ending like that and no sequel. That is why most movies that end like that have a follow up.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VQW2VWYJAGG6IEZWDE4LN3NMAY Jeylin

    I Think The World would love it if there was a sequel to splice. Great Movie. Everyone would want to know how the baby came out.

  • Gabbard_tiffany

    splice 2 please!!!

  • Fierfly

    I would love it if they make a splice 2 I really want to see how the baby turns out

  • Kassing Jessica@yahho.com

    I demand a splice 2 i think it would sell out and b a big film if done right pls do a sequel

  • KassIng Jessica

    Me too they need to do a second one if I had the money I’d sponsor it’s a great rare story stead of the same old remakes ugh

  • Annettesweeney

    dren changed into a male and raped elsa then clive killed him(I think) and elsa is pregnant so dren wouldn`t be in the 2nd one.

  • Jeremy39smybot

    please make a sequel cause the ending ended with the women being pregnant so that would be a good thing for a sequel

  • Rose Hartford6

    i would love a squeal to the movie

  • chicken.wings.fly

    I watched this movie last night and its really annoying that there is no sequel, i guess its a money thing because their budget was 30 million and they only got like 26 so…but i would contribute a tenner and i’m sure people who like strings tied would do the same :) i’m all for imagination but the best ending is the one the director puts out- as it always has an underlining somet’ somet’ ha. well this is just awkward now. TOODLES Xxxx

  • OI chicken wings listen up

    and also it means that Splice could go back into the cinema with some funky 3d shiz to make it new and attract people who like stuff to like like its bigger and outier than it is (ah heeyy) so more money would be made so that the budget would be bigger or money recovered then everyones happy…if only it was that simple…or is it?

  • Sarah

    He didnt rape his mother her partner had sex with dred so a male was born and he then had sex with his female partner and reversed the statement inside you! hence she is pregnant with her partners DNA as well as other DNA would be great to see how the baby turns out with more human DNA as well as what ever is included …..Lets hope for a sequel 2 …anyhow very interesting to watch  

  • Mike

    Please make a Splice 2!!

  • Jennifer Mares

    Please make a Splice 2. I wanted to see if she will live through the pregnancy I sure hope so. So please…..Im begging !

  • Kaitlyn

    I hope they do make a second one

  • Taylorws

    Splice 2 please

  • HenryLoos

    Terrific movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you cannot leave us hanging must see more.

  • ZiaBaby

    if you watch the movie once dren turns into a male he rapes Elsa (who is his mother since he has her genes) and in the very end they show her pregnant. Dren died before she could have ever given birth. and seeing as her hormones were unstable enough to turn into a male i dont think she even COULD have gotten pregnant

  • Neil Nother

    I really enjoyed the film! And I think a sequel would be awsome!

  • xhorrorkittenx

    Loved the first film. Really hope there is a second.

  • newb

    id love a splice 2 the first one rocked

  • Diaa

    You must have not actually finished watching it, or you would have seen that Dren turned into a male and was then killed. Herp derp.

  • Diaa

    Dren turned male, raped Elsa, killed Clive when he tried to kill Dren, Elsa killed Dren.

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