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Gamer & All About Steve

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You might wonder if Gamer and All About Steve are worth the cost of admission this weekend. You and us both. You see, Tim and I have a little confession to make. We’re not some powerhouse outlet drawing millions in advertising that allows us to lay back waiting for the next screening. Obviously, you would think that, right? We have day jobs, other commitments and hustle our pretty little asses off to make Popscorn a site you want to visit every week. So when an upcoming film screens just once at 10:30AM and the other doesn’t at all, you can see how bringing you an informative, appropriately salty look at that movie would be problematic. Instead, here’s an uninformed and overly salty opinion of these two illusive films we couldn’t see (and probably won’t).


When I put the question out on Twitter if other folks had screened Gamer, or been privy to details leading up to its release, I knew something smelled funny. Despite the allure of leading man Gerard Butler and an inviting action story (not to mention the intrigue of seeing Michael C. Hall outside of “Dexter“), Gamer slid below the radar in the DC market. No screening, and not even a mention on the distribution list of local publicists. It seems Lionsgate knew something about the Mark Neveldine (Crank)-directed film that most didn’t (or didn’t expect): that you can’t judge the film by its cover, but Gamer actually fails. Disappointing, to be sure. And with 9 reviews in and slowly counting (obviously), Gamer sits at 22% on Rotten Tomatoes. What are the chances it falls from there?

All About Steve

I barely even knew this film was being released, until I saw notice of a single, early-morning screening about a week ago. Unlike Gamer, All About Steve looked like rom-com rubbish from the beginning. While Sandra Bullock pulled off starring opposite Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal, her attempt in All About Steve with hot-guy-of-the-moment, Bradley Cooper, looks positively painful. The trailer shows Bullock bouncing around in gaudy red boots and frosted tips like a spinster with a learning disability. And with 50 reviews in, All About Steve sits at just a 2% rating.

So to answer the original question, it looks like both films don’t deserve your money this weekend. Go see District 9 again, or possibly check-out Extract.


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